couch for big men, or cherchez la femme


this for the sake of a man´s greater sensation of  comfort, so that his sitting  is both comfortable and – mainly – dignigfied, thus  becoming a big man.                                                 
Helena brought in her sculptor son Matyáš Chochola, winner of Jindřich Chalupecký Prize,
to create the sculptures of women which would bear the couch.
The women are of course cast in gold,  joyful  and  content.

For they know that supporting their man is nothing against gender equality or self-respect.

For they know that the foundation of a partnership is love.

For they know that the man will reward their support in gold.


The gold statuettes are shaped as a jogawoman, a mermaid, a sphinx, a guitar player, a  Nike of Samothrace, a cubist woman…

It is up to the man to choose the right tandem which will bear him…

For every man  dreams of a „golden lady“ (or two?) by his side…


The project includes a series of photographs by Karin Zadrick depicting trully big men who represent different „genres“ – groups of men who we women look up to and  admire. Here – the big men in Helena´s eyes.


big man

Captain Demo

Czech-Intalian multi-millionaire,  a representative of Milan´s XXXL fashion and a magus musician in one


a small big man

Nèro Scartch

composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and an eternal child from the Mydy Robycad group


big man

Kurt Gebauer

sculptor, painter, photographer, decorator of public space, owner of a court in Ostrava


big man

Jakub Nepustil

friend, architect, and founder of the design gallery Neumannka in Prachatice


big man Martin Žák

cousin and admirer of golden ladies


Design : Helena Dařbujánová
Sochy: Matyáš Chochola
Foto : Karin Zadrick
Ilustrace k projektu: Eva Horská, UPUPAEPOP
Grafika : Jakub Horský, UPUPAEPOP