Project about mothers and their children..
All Kids are golden
Golden sometimes ,,golden", but always GOLDEN ...


GOLDEN KIDS  is  simple, colourful sofa with hand-embroidered pillows.

Design by Helena Dařbujánová


Helena was delighted to have worked with many fantastic people.


Lada Brůnová, the one who ,,Escaped from Comic Strips", prepared the illustrations of Helena's children using selected photographs.

Studio ZAŠÍVÁRNA  (,,sewer's hideaway") with their embroideries was a true inspiration, but even more so was cooperation with the grannies from all over the country who made them. For the embroifering grannies it is not only about extra income, it is their room for self-realization, a source of joy, confidence of being useful, confidence of their abilities.

One of the grannies - Marie Šmerdová from Hlučín near Opava, used Lada's illustrations to make brilliant embroideries, in black woth golden details..

This is how this sofa GOLDEN KIDS came about...

Karin Zadrick made a collection of wonderful photos for this project.

In the realm of Helena's childhood - that of her parents, grandparents and ,later, of her children during lolidays - at Sadská, on a meadow amid century-old oak trees..


Helena's special thank you goes to:


Žofie, Julie and Matyáš - inspiration

Lada Brůnová / Utekla z komiksu - illustrations

Zašívárna and Marie Šmerdová - embroideries

Karin Zadrick - photo story

Tomáš Dittrich - product photography

Jakub Horský / Upupaepop - graphic design



Few women would mind having at home a sofa with their kids on it.

And if you want to, you can make embroideries yourself with the help of embroidering grannies.