Expo in Milan 2015


Tables Capricious Summer are sunbathing by the pool at the World EXPO 2015 in Milan


Czech designer Helena Dařbujánová has prepared for the Czech pavilion of World EXPO 2015 a special edition of tables from the collection EmilyJarmilyCecily, and called it Capricious Summer… This collection of tables


is for outside use, and visitors can try them out, along with couchettes, when they come to the pool which is the dominant feature of the Czech House exposition.


The tables design seeks to link meticulous Czech craftsmanship with the atmosphere of Vladislav Vancura´s novel Capri-cious Summer. Why Capricious Summer? „It all has to do with my credo ´Returning poesy to life through design´. Capricious Summer – both the book and the film, addresses your soul, is poetic, pensive, full of good humour It makes you succumb to the atmosphere of times long gone by, to the charm of derelict swimming baths; you feel the smell of summer - and see a jar of pickled suasages and a dewy pint of beer on ´the blanket of the council´s wife´… The tables design was inspired by this summer sentiment,“ explained Helena Dařbujánová with a smile.


Illustrations are by Andrea Tachezy, the winner of this years Golden Band Award.


The illustrations feature water which is the leitmotif of the Czech exposition in Milan.


After the first two weeks at the World EXPO half of the exhibited tables were gone … „Unfortunately, it was impossible to track them down. However, the good thing is that someone must have been mesmerized by them so that theft seemed to be worth the risk. Anyway, the set will be restored during August, but his time the tables will be secured“, added Helena Dařbujánová.